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 "Arrow206-Project206" is excited to bring the iconic aircraft, the "Avro Arrow" back to life with our Flying Replica project.
  We are committed to the accuracy and authenticity of this remarkable aircraft. 
  Our team has been hard at work building the beginnings of this "Avro Arrow Project", and with its progress, we can bring updates almost every day.   
 Follow our "News Feed" for behind-the-scenes updates and exclusive details on the design and construction of this iconic Canadian Aviation Legend. Plus work on this website. 
   Thank you for your support in this historic endeavour!


We are pleased to have finally launched our website, as of now it's still a work in progress, however as the project continues to grow and develop so will this site. We welcome you on this wonderful adventure of bringing history alive.

This is no small undertaking, and all of us here at Arrow206 are more than up for the fight. We welcome you on our journey, and hope you enjoy the flight. This page will be you're one stop shop for news updates so stay tuned!

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