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Avro Arrow Model RL203.jpg

Avro Arrow Model RL203 Edenvale Aerodrome 

   RL203 is located at the Edenvale Aerodrome in Stayner Ontario. They are just west of Barrie from the 400/Bayfield cut. Head north on Bayfield until you see a set of lights and a sign for Highway #26. Turn left towards Wasaga Beach, and keep going until you see the airport on your left side about a 30-minute drive from the lights.

  RL203 is classed as a model of the Avro Arrow aircraft of the 1950s, and a must-see for anyone with an interest in the Avro Arrow, and to see her and because she is a 1:1 ratio her immense size, she is a sight to be seen a well worth a day trip.

 This model cost in the area of 1-Million dollars, in materials and a team of skilled craftsmen who worked tirelessly to create an exact model of the original Avro Arrow aircraft.

  Using the most advanced materials and techniques available and with every hour and wire in place RL25203 was completed. A remarkable story surrounds this project, and almost losing her to the elements of Pearson Airport, she was saved.  

 Now at Edenvale Aerodrome, this Avro Arrow model RL203 project is a true labour of love and a fitting tribute to the men and women who built and flew the original Avro Arrow over 60 years ago. 

   Visit Edenvale Aerodrome and see this amazing work of art for yourself! And see the rest of the collection, some of which was in the movie "The Arrow".

  Address:   5195 Hwy 26, Stayner On L0M 1S0



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